Office Designer 101: Design For Your Clientele

Your work environment should reflect the clients you serve – High-End

Did you know only 1 in 4 people are proud to show off their office space to their friends and family? What is stopping 75% of people from showing off their pride in their workspace?

For one thing, office decor and lighting plays a big role in how employees function in a workplace and how your clients perceive you. Think of your office environment as the welcome mat to your business endeavors – Is your welcome mat an invitation or a dismissal?

If you have taken the time to look around and think, “I think I may need to update my furniture to attract my clients,” then today may be the best time to do it.

If you want to break traditions, Avant Garde is the way!

While your computer may not need updating and your desk might just need a fresh coat of lacquer – the best thing you can do to make your office be a reflection of your ideal clients is to change out a few things in your office.

Depending on your business and the clients you may serve, choosing the avant-garde style will bring your office right into 2020 with style.

Avant-garde is considered a bright, bold style – a chain breaker of routine and traditional thinking. If you are an interior designer looking to upgrade furniture to attract the Kim Kardashians of society, this style is all the rage.

Metallic, wood, or glass furniture blends perfectly with an avant-garde style office, and TriFold Designs specializes in creating hand-crafted, chic furniture to meet this style’s needs.

Fill your office with the furniture that wows a crowd

Most offices require chairs for clients, coffee tables, end tables and sometimes a nice sectional for seating. Have your client sitting in style by choosing furniture pieces that are comfortable and stylish.


According to Marika Meyers of Meyers Interior: Earth Tones are in this 2020!

Shades of brown, wine, green and yellow ochre are something you should be keeping your eye out for when shopping.

Why not utilize our large variety of chairs to fit your office needs while also adhering to the color-scheme of the year? Choose through our variety of dining chairs and hand-crafted lounge chairs to find the pieces you believe will catch the eye of your ideal clientele.

Our Barth Lounge chair is a great choice if you are looking for a chair that will bring forth a good green pop to your office seating area.


No personal office is complete without a comfy seating piece tying the room all together. Not just a single seat like our chairs mentioned above – but a comfortable bench piece anyone can lounge on, including yourself!

We have a large variety of benches that can be used in your office that are equally comfy and stylish. Our Ibira bench would be the perfect piece to tie in a classy but modern style room and an avant garde office.

Coffee Tables

Every room needs a centerpiece; why not purchase one that is stylish and useful? We have a variety of hand-crafted, high-end style coffee tables that are perfect for an avant garde style office.

Browse our inventory and choose the one that will best suit your interior design needs.


Layering old and new is currently in this 2020, take it from Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates

Our Domino Wall Unit is a perfect way to incorporate your old souvenirs, books and framed photos while also bringing in a modern touch to the room. As it takes up the entire wall, this provides you the ability to fill it completely with sentimental items, newly purchased souvenirs and still look great next to a desk.

A console

Need a place nearby your office entrance to hold your cards, pamphlets and decorative plants to welcome your clients? If so, a table console is the best thing for you.

Stylish and functional, we have the perfect console that exudes modern, tasteful and classy!

Dress Your Office Space to Impress

Create a new space for your office environment that will push your business into the modern age. Dazzle your clients with your high-end furniture and watch as your employees react on a more positive note on the change of decor.

Ready to redecorate your office or home with stylish, hand-crafted furniture?

Browse through our website today and order your next piece now!

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