Introducing Our Custom Designed Waterfall Chair

Bring an artistic statement to your home decor without sacrificing comfort

If you are looking for a pop of color and style, our Waterfall chair is a perfect candidate for a centerpiece in your home or office space. This hand-made, one of a kind chair will add that touch of Avant Garde to any space – imagine it in your sitting room, gallery or lounge – the possibilities are endless.

Chair M - Chair

A unique piece for a unique person, dazzle your guests and add a bright color to your space with our latest piece of furniture. All our furniture is designed and crafted in-house – so you know this piece is made with you in mind.

Where did the idea for the Waterfall Chair come from?

This armchair was specially developed by Elis Arruda, artist and interior designer, for Trifold Design. It has all the qualities of adding a piece of art to your home decor.

Arruda meticulously designed and developed the lounge chair with the initial idea of a waterfall, remembering its fluidity, movement and energy. The piece has become more than a lounge chair though; it is art. It suits any type of environment and its shape fits any style of decor, bringing movement, color and elegance to a space.

A pairing of luxury and comfort

While it is a luxury piece of furniture, the piece is still comfortable and welcoming for anyone to sit back and relax. You will have the experience of transforming your decor with a work of art. The structure of the chair is sturdy wood treated with 70mm elastic straps and foam supports on the seat and back. The stunning orange fabric is made of 100% polyester, waterproof and pet friendly.

Your space is your statement with Trifold Design

At Trifold Design, our mission is to transform desire into reality be presenting furniture with exclusive design that inspires an unforgettable impact. We believe that design should complement style as well as comfort in your home. This is why pieces like the Waterfall Chair are designed not only as a statement piece, but also as a place for you to relax and enjoy your time.

All of our pieces are designed in house and crafted with the utmost care. Each piece is unique, so you know that you are getting something that was made for you. With Trifold Design, your space is your statement. Browse our collections today.

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