Distinct Designer Furniture You’ll Love in 2021

Ring in a new year with the best home decor trends of 2021

We can all agree 2020 has been one whirlwind year thanks to the pandemic, quarantine orders, natural disasters, elections and so on. We are looking forward to ringing in a new year in 2021!

What better way to refresh your outlook on the new year than bringing in some brand-new statement pieces to boost your home’s look and feel? Out with the quarantine look and in with novel, fresh and chic designs.

With that being said – Let’s explore our variety of furniture that will blend perfectly with next year’s home decor trends!

According to TrendBook, here are the trends that you should consider when browsing for your new set of furniture pieces.

Grey – Color of the Year

Hug Bed:

The best place to update your feng shui is to focus on where you spend the most time of your day–sleeping!

Consider this piece if you want to add a contemporary design to your bedroom. The grey suede and linen upholstered backrest shape is designed to embrace you while the simple metal legs create a sense of elegance to it all.

Paris Dining Chair:

This swivel dining chair will add a touch of modernity to any room it finds a home in. Use it in your dining room, home office or living area to invite a clean style to your room of choice.

Modern Rustic

Adding a new interpretation on classic times – perfect for someone who loves the farmhouse style with a touch of modernity. Check out these pieces that will not only fit this trend but will make your house feel like a home:

Sapphire Stool:

Perfect for your kitchen island and your at home bar – a few of these will add a more modern rustic style to the environment! The ivory fabric with a unique touch of leather on its sides makes the chair comfortable and stylish at the same time!

Pitaya Dining Table:

Who said that it has to stay outdoors? While we do market this piece as an outdoor table, this table can be used in a dining area as well!

This perfect blend of wood and aluminum brings modernity to any dining space!

Light Woods

A natural accent mixed with a bit of a Japanese Modern and Scandinavian is what you should keep in mind when viewing your furniture. This trend has been popular these last few years so it comes as no surprise that it is trending this year.

A majority of the pieces we contain in our collection work perfectly for this long running trend and can be fit in almost every room or outdoors!

Take these items into consideration for your next purchase:

Doris Outdoor Beach:

This piece is a combination of rustic and modern-perfect for 2021! It is made with real hardwood, the crossed legged feature will add a more artistic style to any room it can be added in.

Wave Dining Chair:

Do you want to add a more elevated style to your dining area? Make waves at the next family dinner or gathering with one of our exclusively designed wooden dining chairs. Yes, it is comfortable to sit on!

Santiago Side Tables:

These side tables are the perfect addition to any space and provide an ample surface area to add lamps, photos, decorative pieces and so much more. Make your home a little more inspirational with a piece that reflects your personality – modern and classy.

Industrial Interior Style

Expose all that lies beneath the surface with a raw, edgy style of interior design. Metals, wood and bare bricks are part of the upcoming trends to lookout for. Luckily for you, we have a few pieces in mind that will fit into this style as well.

Pin Small Side Table:

Perfect for your bedside, this little table adds that industrial feeling with a minimalistic amount of space used. It can be used virtually anywhere – the base is made from cumaru solid wood, has a black metal neck structure for support and a black marble top to add a classy touch to it all.

Guthy Coffee Table:

This steel coffee table is perfect when adding a raw and edgy piece to your living area. The gold metal trim on the edge brings an elegant and unique design to it all.

No better way to tie a room together than to have the perfect coffee table.

Browse with us for your home design in 2021

Stay up-to-date with the upcoming year’s home decor trends. We have a large variety of contemporary furniture that blends well with most styles that you are looking to achieve in your environment. From chairs, beds, couches to tables – we have high-end furniture that will make your home feel stylish and clean.

Explore our luxury, hand-crafted furniture to make your home your unique statement piece!

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