About Us

Three talented women and one dream: to transform the way people live art and design

With over 20 years of complementing backgrounds, Carla Barranco, Elis Arruda , and Renata Alburquerque get the best contemporary art and select every single piece using different influences from italian, brazilian and scandinavian furniture and design on an unique curatorship.  
Our mission is to transform desire into reality by presenting furniture with exclusive design and bringing a unique and unforgettable impact when appreciated.  
Our company was born from the union of three entrepreneurs women with successful careers and recognition. This trilogy aims to fulfill the mission of bringing good taste, balance and sophistication to your home decor.  
Know each vertex of this Trifold Triangle:  
Carla Barranco renowned Brazilian architect, responsible for the contemporary direction added to the company profile and the choice of exclusive and impactful products.  
Elis Arruda is an interior designer and artist in love with contemporary art. She brings harmony, colors, shapes and Life to Trifold.  
Renata Albuquerque, the straight line that connects the vertices of this meeting, lawyer and acting in the commercial legal world, which brings a safe administration and all necessary care to the company/customer relation, in the quality and distribution of the products.  
Through modern management, we have reached the consensus that today, modern life requires ease and agility in every buying and selling process, for this reason, we chose to develop an eCommerce with the most modern in online buying/selling. Our market coverage encompasses distribution on all continents.  
We offer our customers unparalleled personalized service for all the consistency we create in the sales system. Our Customer Service Center puts customers in direct contact with us.  
Browse with us and you will fall in love with TRIFOLD.