5 Interior Decorating Tips to Spice Up Any Room

Tips & Tricks to add color and flare to a neutral color palette

As 2020 comes to an end, you may be brainstorming ways to change up the energy and welcome a new year, new you and new vibe in your home.  We all can agree that this past year needs to move on, no need to keep the remnants of it in your home space. Why not switch it up and add some flare to your home – Prepare for 2021 in style.

We compiled five styling tips to consider when adding some spice to your neutral colored rooms.

 Tip # 1  : Add Metallic pieces to your space

Table - Stock photography

Bring in some copper, gold, steel, or even silver pieces into your home to add a bit of drama to your space. You can do so by adding metallic ceiling fixtures or accent tables to your living space.

At T R I  F O L D, we have the perfect pieces that can be used to add a bit of contemporary drama to any room you’re trying to spruce up.

When adding pieces to spice up your space, it should be subtle additions yet noticeable to anyone who walks into your space. We have the perfect products that can do just that when placing it alongside your neutral furniture collections – consider these pieces new stylish additions you should add to your home:

Andy Side Table Set

Make a visual impact to any room with this side table set. This piece is a painted carbon steel structure with a glass top to add a bold and contemporary style to this metallic piece. Place this alongside your neutral couches to add a touch of drama to your space.

Wine Side Table Set

This chrome metal Wine Side Table is the perfect piece to add some spice to a neutral colored living room. With its glass top and espresso leather magazine rack, it is a combination of functionality and contemporary. A piece that will make your room complete.

Tip #2: Paint your walls

Paint - Color chart

Maybe what you need is to add a bit of color to your walls – or wall if you are feeling stylish. Like our furniture, a neutral color palette to furniture means you can do almost anything and everything to the surrounding area to add some panache to your space.

One of the best colors we recommend you add to your walls is a bold, wine shade of red. It will really bring out a warm and comforting feeling to any room. If you aren’t ready to commit to such a bold and contrasting color – you can always paint one wall of the room (preferably the one that is behind your best furniture pieces) a shade darker than the rest.

If you do want to throw on that paint smock – proceed to tip number three for a less messy way to decorate your home.

 Tip # 3: Add colorful throw pillows 

Cushion - Throw pillow

One of the easiest ways to add colors to your living or bedroom space is to add colorful pillows into the mix. Now the color preference may be up to you if you decided against painting – furniture like ours pairs well with reds, blues and dark espresso colors.

Take our Soul Sofa here for example – adding some colorful pillows and maybe a bright throw blanket will definitely add a more comforting and home like feel to this wonderful piece.

 Tip #4: Add textured furniture pieces 

Stock photography - Interior Design Services

If you are currently in the market to add high-quality furniture pieces to your living room collection – try adding textured furniture alongside your neutral pieces to make your space more inviting.

Try adding pieces that contain leather and take up a minimal amount of space in the room you plan on fixing up.

Gabbana Bench

This charming leather bench with brass finished supporting is the perfect piece to add depth to your room. The textured material and the brown color is great to place alongside a wall – possibly below a piece of artwork- to add some dimension to the space. It is not too large but fitting enough to be used as a seating area if you ever decide to have guests over.

Moma Lounge Chair

This comfortable round chair is the ideal art piece to add to your living room. The real caramel leather and the walnut wood support adds a rustic yet modern feeling that can be paired alongside your neutral furniture pieces.

 Tip #5: Incorporate Art Pieces  on your walls

Another simple way to add more color to your space is by adding contemporary art pieces to your walls or to your wall units. This can include souvenirs you have acquired over the years, antiques, hand-painted canvases, and gold framed family photos. The fun part about decorating a space is the ability to make it yours.

Adding art pieces to your home can go a long way if placed in a complimenting manner. Take that into consideration before you pack a wall unit full of the items you may have kept stowed away in storage. Keep a pattern or style in mind when it comes to hanging up artwork around your home.

At the end of the day, it is your space – and yours alone- that you are decorating. Keep the decorating process fun and lively and the rest will come naturally. Find your color swatches, browse our furniture pieces and add a bit of creativity to your redecorating efforts. Let 2020 stay in the past and move forward with a home that is as stylish and functional as you are.

Ready to redecorate your office or home with contemporary and bold furniture?